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**Our Water is all natural, no preservatives. Please keep your bottles in a cool dark place to prevent algae growth, Thank you!**!








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Dear customers,

Winter is just around the corner so please note this important bulletin about delays in case of snow.

Glass customers, please protect your full bottles from freezing!

Please Note: If there is any kind of significant snow fall or icy conditions that make the roads unsafe for driving, the scheduled delivery will be cancelled.

If we can drive on the main roads once the snow event has passed and the roads are plowed, we will continue with the regular schedule, but we will not attempt to drive down any unplowed road.

If your driveway is not clear we will not come down (or up), if you want delivery, please leave your empties at the end of your driveway. If you want delivery to the end of your driveway without leaving empties, please contact us by phone or email.

In the event that your delivery is cancelled you will be able to take your plastic empties to Thriftys or Natureworks to get enough water to see you through to the next delivery day. Glass customers will have to use plastic in this case, as glass is only available through home delivery. If you accumulate a few plastic empties we will be happy to collect them for credit on the next delivery.

If you have difficulty getting to the store due to limited mobility or lack of vehicle, call us and we will try to arrange an off scheduled delivery. This would only be for those in serious need!

Any questions, please contact : Jamie, our Route Manager :

Messages: 250-653-4729 Cell: 250-538-2313

We can all hope for as gentle as possible winter weather but we must be prepared for whatever may come. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We will do our best to maintain our schedule.

Thank you, Stay Warm and Safe!


The Saltspring Water Co. is a full service bottled and bulk water delivery company, located on beautiful Salt Spring Island, B.C. As a small local business, we are delighted to present you with Saltspring's Finest Natural Spring Water!

From an elevation of 830 feet and bordering on Mount Maxwell Provincial Park, our 225 foot deep groundwater spring provides a steady supply of high quality natural spring water, which we bottle right at the source.

Classified as natural spring water, with only 60 ppm of total dissolved mineral salts, the exceptional taste and quality of our water is matched only by its natural purity.

Our aim is to provide high quality water and exceptional customer service to the local Saltspring Island community.

! **Our Water is all natural, no preservatives. Please keep your bottles in a cool dark place to prevent algae growth, Thank you!** !

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