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250.653.4729 Bottles / 250.538.0102 Bulk Water


Bottled Water Products and Pricing:

Rhonan with our bottles water

All our bottled water sizes (shown below) are available for delivery to your home or office. Call us at 250.653.4729 to be added to our delivery schedule.

You can also find our water for sale at a number of retail outlets on the Island, including Thrifty's, Saltspring Natureworks, and Harbour Food Market.

See below also for our selection of crocks, pumps, stand and other accessories. If you are looking for a water cooler, we suggest you check with Mouat's Home Hardware.

11.35L (3G) GLASS - $9.00 + $25 deposit (Home & Office Delivery only)

11.35L Glass Bottle

18.9L (5G) PLASTIC - $10.00 + $10 deposit


11.35L (3G) PLASTIC - $8.00 + $10 deposit

HAND PUMP - $30.00 + taxes
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Contact us for bottled or bulk water deliveries or to enquire about bulk storage tanks:

250.653.4729 Bottles

250.538.0102 Bulk



Denham - our friendly delivery guy!